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About SMV College of Distance Education

“SMV College of Distance Education” an organization devoted & dedicated to “Creating Globally Educated Citizens, through Distance Education/ Distance Learning Program of UGC-DEB Recognized University. “Today’s global village requires globally-sensitive citizens and International Recognized Degree . “SMV College of Distance Education” vertical has been designed to provide information, resources and assistance for those students who are interested to Distance Learning Course.

  • Our Mission

    Established in 1966 Donec quis turpis vitae sem lobortis sodales. Suspendisse blandit magna a purus porta feugiat. Sed nec auctor erat. Nam eu dui lectus. Etiam suscipit vel mauris eget bibendum.


    “SMV COLLEGE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION” has a certain competitive edge over other similar organizations, providing Distance Education they are:

      Provides full spectrum of services from pre-consultation to admissions/Enrollment to Completion of Course.

      Is on the constant look-out for the best programs in reputed UGC-DEB Recognized University.

      Country-wide student support services from our expert counselors.

      Open and Flexible system for our student

      Flexible & Easy Payment Options

      Lowest fees with quality service [Like : MBA Fees Rs 15,000/- Per Year(Two Sem.)]

      Save Your Year by enrolling upto 15th Dec 2016

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